Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pest Control Products

Our company offers a wide variety of pest elimination products. Do-it-yourself extermination is often challenging, so we offer the industries best products to give you the advantage. In addition to our high quality products we offer the following advice for all do-it-yourself extermination projects:

  1. Be careful but thorough! All products have usage and safety information on the label. Always read the label carefully before application.
  2. Monitor the extermination on a frequent basis. Often monitoring devices such as Bed Bug Defenders (link), Insect Monitors (link) or Mice glueboards (link) will be able to give you an idea of the extent, progress or re-infestation of the extermination.
  3. Pest extermination often requires more than one application, if you are still seeing evidence you may need to do another service.
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Top Bed Bug Extermination Products

Below are our top bed bug products. Bed bugs have become a serious worldwide epidemic. We recommend our bed bug extermination package because it includes everything you need for elimination: aerosols, spray and dust. We also recommend adding bedbug defenders and mattress covers to all bed bug product orders. These two products offer added protection and aid in the prevention of reinfestation of bed bugs. Please see all our bed bugs products for more options for elimination and prevention.

Top Pest Extermination Products

The products listed below come highly recommended from our customers. Certain pests such as centipedes and mice are often a seasonal problem requiring treatment once or several times a year. Our customers return to us each season to use our tried and true pest extermination products.

Pest Control Packages

These pest control product packages contain the products needed with the best value to complete a home extermination. Each package is tailored to address a certain type of pest. We also offer useful recommendations to accompany each package.

  1. Ants Extermination Package
  2. Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Bundle Package
  3. Bed Bugs Extermination Package
  4. Cockroaches Extermination Package
  5. Rodent Extermination Package
  6. Total Pest Elimination Package